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Wilmington, Delaware  U.S.A. 19901
Tel: 1-302-123-7777
The heart of any audio product is acoustics. 
DW Designs brings over 25 years of
acoustics proven experience to the
solution of your problem.
Acoustics.  Innovation.  Strategy.


The creation of a successful audio product requires equal measures of
acoustics, innovation, and strategy.  DW Designs, the personal
consulting firm of Daniel Wiggins, is uniquely suited to provide insight
and support in all 3 areas.
Innovation - the result of new approaches
to old problems.  With over two dozen
issued and pending utility patents, DW
Designs is a proven innovator.
It takes more than great is ideas to win. 
You have to know what questions to ask. 
DW Designs has a long history of asking the
right questions to reach great solutions.
Advantages of DW Designs
25+ Years of Experience
Proven Acoustics Innovator
Executive Level Experience
Multi-Discipline Engineering
Manufacturing Experience
DW Designs specializes in bringing acoustical products to market.  Headed by Daniel Wiggins, DW Designs is a full-service acoustical solution shop, able to assist from concept-to-delivery for nearly any acoustical solution.

With a career spanning a quarter of a century, Daniel has built up a wide skill set including mechanical, electrical, ID, UI, manufacturing, materials, quality control and quality assurance, certification and compliance testing, and even logistics and financing.  Additionally, with a network of fellow expert consultants and a well-run supply chain built over two decades of international experience, DW Designs can take your what if and make it a reality.