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Over 25 years in military, scientific, and
consumer product creation.
About DW Designs

DW Designs is the personal consulting firm of Daniel Wiggins.  Daniel is a 25 year veteran
of product development.  During his career he's launched hundreds of products across a
wide variety of industries, but always with a focus on acoustics.

Daniel has a deep experience base to draw from, to assist your current endeavors. This
includes recruiting and hiring teams, leading teams, building factories, optimizing
production  processes and supply chains, as well as the expected engineering and
technical roles. 

Comfortable in a purely technical/advisory role, or assisting in building out a team or
casting company-wide vision, Daniel is a proven asset to consider for your organization.
A variety of projects from mission critical
to scientific research systems to mass-
production consumer electronics.
Over 15 years in senior leadership roles
including CTO, President, System
Architect, and Chief Engineer.
Selected Skills
Interesting Facts about Daniel:
Has built 4 factories from the ground up
Has lived on 4 continents: North and South America, Asia, Europe
Has worked in 32 countries worldwide
Consulted with Microsoft, Dell, HP, Flextronics, and Apple
Exhibited a over a dozen times at CES and NAMM
Designed enough different audio systems in pro and consumer markets that, if you listen to music, you have most likely heard his work at some point
Has been involved in raising over $50 million for startup ventures
Proven dynamic speaker, leader, educator, presenter
3D Parametric CAD
     (Geomagic, Solidworks)

Schematic Capture and PCB Layout

Software Development

FEA Modeling
     (FEMM, LisaFET, Calculix)