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Music is primal.  Music sets our mood,
builds our emotions, stirs the soul.  DW
Designs has been a leading force in music
reproduction for over 25 years.
Acoustics.  Innovation.  Strategy.

Audio.  Ultraound.  SONAR.  Wave motion through a medium. 
Acoustics is the heart of so much of what we do today.  Our ability to
hear is our most primal sense; it is the only one that is truly 360
degrees.  We can hear above, below, behind and range.  Sound drives
us - and the ability to use sound, to change and monitor and alter our
environment with sound is changing on a daily basis.
Sound is more than just mood.  It can be
used for medical purposes as well.  DW
Designs has been involved in ultrasound
applications for decades.
Underwater sound applications are where
DW Designs started.  With military and
research experience, DW Designs
understands the particulars of SONAR.
Klippel R&D and Klippel QC:
Deep experience with setting up and running both systems
AudioPrecision: the standard in audio research measurements.  AP 27XX, 5XX series
CLIO: A staple of audio measurements, used from versions 4 to 10 Microphones: design and development of measurement and recording mics
Headphones: over ear, on ear, and in ear.  Single and multiple transducers, BAs and dynamic. Woofers: from 25mm minis to 24" macros, to world-record setting designs
Tweeters: compression drivers, direct radiators, planar, electrostatic Systems: consumer, professional, prosumer, automotive