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US Patent 7,039,213
The seminal dual gap patent for audio
transducers.  High stroke, high linearity,
low mass, low inductance, zero cost to
build.  This fundamentally changes audio.
Acoustics.  Innovation.  Strategy.

Innovation drives our culture.  It drives our economy.  It drives your
bottom line.  Innovation: novel solutions to existing problems.  It's more
than just a creative solution though; it requires thorough understanding
of the problem at hand.  And when that innovation happens, it is
rewarded via patent and IP rights.  DW Designs has nearly two dozen
utility patents issued or pending in a variety of fields ranging from
transducers to software to energy storage to medical.  Innovation
meeting needs - the core of true problem solving.
US Patent 8,965,033
It seems so simple: a tweeter next to a
woofer.  But the cavity of the woofer
interferes with the tweeter.  This patent
solves the issue in a very clever way.
US Patent 8,867,764
Hearing aids fail users because users cannot
adjust them directly.  This patent
overcomes that hurdle, giving a hearing aid
wearer the ability to directly set their own
Case Study: Energy Storage
Intellectual Ventures wanted new ideas in the world of magnetically suspended flywheels.  Daniel took on that challenge.  The result: US Patent 8,368,271 - a magnetically suspended flywheel with no active compensation.  And he took it further, making it run at low speed for ease-of-materials, yet still able to store massive amounts of power for the renewable energy market.
Daniel currently has 12 issued utility patents, with 13 more pending, and more added regulary.  A proven out-of-the-box thinker, he approaches each new problem with out pre-conceived notions.  Drawing on decades of multi-discipline engineering experience, he finds novel solutions that allow clients to protect the invention via patents, and enhance their own IP portfolio.

Daniel's issued patents are held by a variety of clients he's worked with over the years.  Working with clients new and old alike, he is prefectly comfortable coming up with new solutions with a variety of teams, and assisting in filing the patents from abstract writing to drawing creation and patent filing reviews.