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Mobile Audio
A client was concerned about price wars. 
After reviewing the market, DW Design
recommended INCREASING the prices.  The
result: more sales - and more profit.
Acoustics.  Innovation.  Strategy.

It's not enough to have good engineering.  You have to define the right
product.  That means asking the right questions, researching the market
with an objective eye, then making the right call about what should - or
should not - be included.  It's a skill that takes time to mature and hone,
and it's often led on a gut feel - with data to back it up.  DW Designs has
that experience, has developed that skill, and has a strong track record
of releasing products that change the game and revolutionize industries.
A headphone client was overlooking the
changes in the market.  DW Designs
brought to light the growth of IEMs.  Now
they are moving into that profitable arena.
A client was having a tough time getting
dealers.  Market and BOM analyis led DW
Designs to suggest upping the MSRP.  This
resulted in many new dealers signing up.
Strategy.  Making the right move at the right time.  Anticipating rather than reacting.  It's fundamental to success of the launch of a product.  Understand the market, understand the consumer, understand the competition - and then you will understand what you have to do.

Building the right strategy for a product can be extremely difficult when you're too close to the situation.  Bringing in experienced, proven outside counsel can pay big dividends.  Trends that you might overlook because of familiarity with the situation, or being overwhelmed with too many products become crystal clear to outside expertise.

Daniel has decades of experience in setting product roadmaps, defining product requirements, and identifying trends - up and down.  His experience can be a valuable addition to your own team.  And with no visible connection to your own company, his research and explorations will not draw unwanted attention to your own plans and ambitions.